Amrita Moringa Powder - 50g Satyam Life
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Amrita Moringa Powder - 50g

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    • Boosts immune system
    • Supports healthy liver & kidney function
    • Helps with sleep related disorders such as insomnia
    • Reduces arthritic inflammation
    • Helps lower bad cholesterol
    • Helps stabilise diabetes
    • Decreases anxiety & depression
    • Supports healthy cell structure
    • Helps stabilise blood pressure and blood sugar
    • Nourishing for brain and body
    • Promotes vitality and energy

    It’s a complete protein source, containing all the essential amino acids – great for vegans. It contains anti-aging Rhamnose, phytoactive nutrients as well as:

    • 4 x More Calcium than milk
    • 36 x More magnesium than eggs
    • 3 x More Potassium than bananas
    • 25 x More Iron than spinach
    • 2 x More protein than yogurt
    • 4 x More Vitamin A than carrots
    • 7 x More Vitamin c than oranges


    • The recommended daily allowance: one teaspoon of Moringa Powder daily
    • Add the powder to your smoothies, soups, stews, or any dish where you want to up the nutritional value