Colours of Nepal

Discover our beautiful selection of felt crafts, handcrafted in Nepal by talented female artisans. Despite being considered one of the poorest nations in the world, the Nepali people are known for their pleasant demeanor, spirituality, humility, and inner beauty.

Our crafts are made from 100% natural wool imported from New Zealand, and are processed and crafted with love by mainly female crafters. Despite being largely uneducated and from the lower strata of society, these women are able to create stunning products that showcase their skill and creativity.

This industry is a social initiative that is made up of 90% female workers, as many of the men are forced to seek work in other countries for very little pay. The initiative provides the women with an opportunity to earn a living and achieve financial independence.

Shop our collection of Nepali felt crafts today and support these talented artisans and their social initiative.